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Ultrasonic Vortex Flowmeter
PFA Resin Series

PFA resin series has no moving parts, and the parts in contact with liquid are composed by PFA resin, and excellent in corrosion resistant and clean vortex flowmeter.

Excellent corrosion resistant feature
Because excellent corrosion resistant PFA resin is used for the parts in contact with liquid, it is suitable for the measurements of ultra pure water and chemicals that are sensitive to dirt.

Vibration noise resistant structure
Because high frequency ultrasonic sensor is used, the sensor is not influenced by mechanical noise such as piping vibrations.

Complete pocketless structure
Because the pocketless structure where fluid is always moving is adopted, it is suitable for the measurement of the liquid that causes chemical reactions or liquid that change quality easily.

Weight saving
It can be directly installed at the resin piping of the ultra pure water line etc. by weight saving with resin made.

Chemical fluid resistant structure
Because the amplifier case storing the electric circuit is made of resin, the PFA series is excellent in corrosion resistance when chemicals are measured.

Output signal of display part
LED display is adopted for very clear visibility. Upper and lower limit warning output signal is also available in addition to pulse analogue output.

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